Tragedy strikes at the Tweed Valley Osprey nest

We are devastated to report that the osprey female failed to return to the nest on Thursday 5th June in the afternoon during a really wet, cold day. The male bird, white leg SS, did his best to keep the young chicks going by feeding them and attempting to keep them warm but he left them at around 3.30pm and the chicks have most likely succumbed to the cold conditions. The chicks were seen dead in the nest on Friday and there is still no sign of the female adult.

The male bird is still at the nest site and looks a very sorry figure, he seems to ignore the dead chicks and is just waiting with fish in his talons for the return of his mate.
The nest site area has been checked in case the female was close by and maybe on the ground injured but there is absolutely no sign of her.

Many people were very emotionally attached to this pair of ospreys, as we have watched them for the past 10 years and were looking forward to their 11th season together and all had appeared well. The female was not ringed, so we do not know anything of her origins and it may be that she was really old. The male bird was repeatedly seen feeding the female this season, so perhaps she was feeling unwell. We will never know.

The volunteers and staff are devastated at the loss of this remarkable and beautiful wild bird and their little family. We just hope that white SS recovers from his loss and maybe finds a new mate next year. We will keep the cameras going just now to see what he does and also just in case, as there is a slim chance that the female may return.

Note from the editor: Since this post was written we have had reports that the female has returned to the nest. More updates to follow soon.

5 thoughts on “Tragedy strikes at the Tweed Valley Osprey nest

  1. migs mckenzie

    What a sensitively written report. So saddened at this loss and sympathies to all the people who have helped and followed this project, but pleased the female has returned.

  2. Liz Livock

    I am so very sorry. You must be totally devastated. Nature can be dreadfully cruel at times. On a brighter note, I am glad the female has turned up, and I hope she is okay. Thoughts are with you.

  3. Jennie Willmott

    So sorry to hear this sad news and feel for all if you looking after this site. Nature is sometimes very cruel and we don’t understand the reasons

  4. Jillian UK

    I follow many of the UK nests and I am devestated for the team and volunteers at Tweed valley. Hopefully the female is your established one and I will look out for your new blog. Not a good few days on the osprey nests with 3 chicks one each night being taken by a great horned owl at Smith mountain lake in Virginia and at another USA nest 1 chick taken by an owl and the second died from the gnats a few days later. Never expected this from one of our UK nests, what a shock-so sorry.

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