Adventurous osprey

The satellite tagged osprey FK8, has been stretching her wings and taking further adventurous flights as she explores her freedom since fledging from her Tweed Valley nest site. Most of her journeys have been trips around the locality of the nest site, but as she flexes her muscles and gains strength and stamina she is beginning to venture further afield.

Her most exciting journey so far took her north and she flew right out of the Borders and over to the Firth of Forth estuary where the transmitter picked her up in the bay, offshore from Leven. Her altitude was given as 1m above sea level so she must have been fishing.

satellite picture leven

The red dot on the satellite picture taken from Google earth shows the location of FK8 on her exploratory trip on the 22nd July at 14.38pm.

The next major excursion was on 25th July and took our bird across Elibank and Traquair Forest, crossing the Yarrow Valley and into the Ettrick Valley on the course of the Ettrick Water, a journey which seems to have taken only five minutes. Four minutes later she visited the Glen House Estate in Traquair.

eagle map central scotland
Picture of the Satellite map with red dots showing the two journeys south to Ettrick Bridge and North to Leven on 25th and 22nd July.

eagle satellite map
FK8 checks out the Ettrick Water on 25th July late in the morning.

The satellite tracker recorded that she was back at the nest site at 9pm but it is not known where or how she spent the rest of the day between then and her trip south.
Most of her other journeys are around the immediate location of the eyrie from which she fledged and she has explored that region extensively. She is returning to the nest site and receiving fish from her parents we presume.

Interestingly, the last recorded footage of her at the site was being fed by her mum which is very unusual at this stage in the young bird’s life, as usually dad takes over once they have fledged. We presume her brother is making similar safaris around the Borders and returning to the nest site too but he does not have a satellite tracker.


We don’t know if any of the Tweed Valley ospreys have begun their trip south yet.  Beatrice, which is an adult osprey up in Moray has left for her migration already. She is satellite tracked and she successfully raised three chicks this season. You can follow her story on the Highland Foundation for Wildlife website. She left on 6th August, leaving her young ospreys behind with their father to finish training them to be skilled hunters.

Thanks for reading.
Diane Bennett

1 thought on “Adventurous osprey

  1. Peter Pritchard

    Ospreys do not teach their juveniles how to fish. It is instinctive. The speeds quoted are not possible, the tracker is faulty.


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