Borders bird visits Kielder

white EB in Kielder

photograph courtesy of Forestry Commission England

Quick update

News of a Borders raised osprey turning up at Kielder Forest was received this week. The ringed bird turned up at one of the nest sites at Kielder to cause a bit of upset with the established pair there. She did the same last year too and then disappeared for the rest of the season. Her leg ring was recognisable as white EB and she was fledged from the Scottish Borders in 2007. We wonder if she is trying to establish herself down at Kielder Water or whether it’s a dalliance on route to her territory further north. If she does have a nest site in the Borders, then it is strange that she would choose to try to occupy a site at Kielder and she even mated with the male there last year before leaving the area.


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