Snatch and grab

The osprey pair
The main nest pair are settling in together and their relationship seems to be blossoming. They began the season by frequent mating and then separating to opposite sides of the nest but they seem to be getting more affectionate towards each other.
I think white leg SS must be trying to impress his new wife, as I received a fantastic report from Tom McAndrew who witnessed him bringing a huge trout for her.
Tom said. “I was just packing up when the new female bird set up the most raucous calling and SS brought in the biggest trout I have ever seen him deliver! This was not so much graciously received as grabbed and removed to perch: I’m not sure whether SS was scunnered but he was certainly peeved and retired to the opposite perch.”
Perhaps the new Mrs SS will perfect her manners by the end of the season.

A week later

Love is definitely in the air for our pair of ospreys at the main nest now though. The bond between them has strengthened since their return. They will often be seen sitting together on the same perch beside the nest. Mating has taken place frequently too but there is still no sign of an egg yet. Domestic duties seem to be on the agenda, which gives us hope that they are expecting eggs, as the male brought in a large clump of fresh moss for the nest and has been bringing the occasional stick to add to the sides too. The female jumped down into the base of the nest on Monday and nose-dived into the middle and was kicking out her legs to scrape out a scoop into the centre. This was a sure sign that she is preparing a cup shape to fill with a precious egg cargo and we felt sure that we would see an egg in there soon afterwards but still no sign yet.
We are unconcerned though as it is still early in the season and all the signs are good indicators that they will be productive soon.

Wandering Borders bird

We have received some lovely news from Emyr Evans, the Dyfi Projects manager for Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust that a Borders osprey with ring number blue CL1 has visited the Dyfi osprey nest site at 11.25am on the 15th April. This bird fledged from a nest site in the Borders in 2012 and successfully migrated. It took a trip to County Wicklow in Ireland and was spotted there for a few days in June 2014. It is great news that as a fully mature adult it is now back in the UK and hopefully on track for taking up a breeding territory. Will it prospect for a site in Wales or continue northwards to find a nest site in Scotland? I hope through more sightings that we may find out.

Spring is still springing

This spring has been a bit of a stop and start season which could account for the delay in egg laying. The weather seemed to encourage blue tits to begin to build a nest in one of the nest boxes on camera at Kailzie and then stop again, while another pair have continued to build their nest and it looks near to completion. These can be watched on the screens in the Kailzie Osprey and Nature Watch Centre.
The oystercatchers seen from the river camera were doing their superb sidestepping synchronised courtship dance with heads down and open beaks.

courting oystercatchers
Butterflies and bees seem to have emerged suddenly and the sunshine on early flowers such as coltsfoot and primroses are providing early nectar sources for them.
A few swallows have been seen and chiffchaffs and willow warblers are now coming through and taking up territories, singing loudly to announce their arrival.

Thanks for reading!

Diane Bennett

2 thoughts on “Snatch and grab

  1. Karen

    Thanks for the update Diane. Fantastic to see the female now incubating 🙂 I switched on yesterday just after 2.00pm and the female was low in the nest cup and am pretty sure she laid it about 2.10pm. White SS was there too and after a few minutes he joined her and both of them were looking down into the cup. It was really lovely to watch 🙂


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