FK8 Spanish trip and a return to Portugal April 2015

In March FK8 took a long journey from her winter site in Portimao in Portugal along the coastline of the Gulf of Cadiz into Spain. She spent some time on 1st and 2nd March exploring the Donana National Park and ventured further south along the coast and then took the return journey back to her familiar grounds.

The picture below shows her activities along the coast, each fix point is given as a red dot.

1 Spain and Portugal

Red dots show the zones occupied by FK8 in Portugal for the winter followed by a significant journey into Spain along the Gulf of Cadiz in March and towards the Strait of Gibraltar then back into the Gulf of Cadiz along the coast.
She travelled along the coast and from 10th to 13th April was back in the Portimao region of Portugal. She is covering a lot of haunts now familiar to her with good fishing and a rich terrain of riverine and estuarine habitats, teeming in wildlife and with plentiful fish.

2Gulf of Cadiz

Time spent in Donana National Park on 1st and 2nd March while on her travels in Spain.

3 Donana

Hunting , exploring good fishing grounds. Osprey heaven!

The image below, shows FK8’s extensive exploration of the Portimao region in Portugal where she has since returned to.

4 Portimao

5 Ribeira de Boina

A concentration of fix points along the Ribeira de Boina in Portimao with yellow lines showing flight paths as she extensively covers the area for hunting and finding good roosting places.

6 River photo

An image of the area of river which has become the home of FK8.

7 Street level River Arade

The River Arade near Portimao.
This is a street level view of the FK8 activity over the rivers in Portugal. The red dots in the sky are fix points where she has been recorded at various altitudes while fishing in the region. The large red dot shows the point on 12th April at 3.22pm where she is at an altitude of 39 metres above the water and travelling at 16 knots.

8 shoreline roost

Red dot roost on the shoreline on 13th April at 12.49. Yellow lines show the myriad flight paths FK8 has made over the time she has been in the area, fishing and flying over the land and the water.

9 ground level roost

Red dot roost 13th April at ground level looking across the water.

The Concentration of yellow lines are previous flight paths in this very well explored region.

10 Palheiros

Hunting over the reservoir and then movements around the river system in Palheiros, near to Portimao.

11 April river system tacking

Full set of tracked movements on 12th and 13th April and cluster of position points with the yellow circle as the point where FK8 roosted.

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