Three chicks hatched

On Thursday 4th June, two tiny chick heads were spotted for the first time in the nest. It is uncertain whether they had both hatched on the same day or more likely one came a day earlier. The proud parents were very attentive and the male, white leg SS, brought in a fish which the female took and tore off small strips of meat which she offered down to each little osprey in turn to feed.

3 chicks days old with mum and Dad

Later that afternoon the male brought in a second fish and was very attentive towards his partner as he fed her.

On 6th June at 1.25pm, the female stood up and it was noticed that her brood had increased to three as the third little tiny head could be seen.

SS feeds Mrs June 8th 2015

Alive and flapping

The family are doing very well so far and white leg SS, has been bringing in good sized fish. He hasn’t taken any for himself prior to delivery as he has passed over the entire fish to his partner which must have only just been caught as it was still flapping. In fact the tail end of the large trout caught on Sunday 7th June was thrashing about so much it was bouncing off the chicks’ heads.

fish tails


A cheeky jay has been seen frequently perched on the side of the nest, but both parents have seemed not in the slightest perturbed by their visitor.

The jay was picking up items from the back of the nest and eating them and then flew off with a chunk in its beak. We can only assume it must be some leftover fish. Fish supper at the jay residence must be a welcome break from acorns then! The ospreys are not concerned that these morsels have been taken from the nest and clearly don’t perceive the jay as a threat, which is strange, as the jay is certainly capable of taking the tiny osprey chicks at this stage of their life. Maybe, the clean-up operation to remove fish debris discarded by the osprey family is welcomed for now, particularly as the chicks would never intentionally be left alone while they so small.

8th June Jay visit

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