Monster sized chick

The one surviving osprey chick in the main Tweed Valley nest is growing so fast. It is now four weeks old and has a good covering of true feathers rather than the flimsy grey down which is not weather proof. The wing and tail feathers are beginning to break through along the shafts and altogether the chick looks very much like a proper little osprey now.
When food is brought in by the male bird, the chick has been fed to overflowing and the processing of all of this protein is creating a pot-bellied – but healthy looking – bird.

The lack of experience of the female bird is still apparent at times, but she did shield the youngster from the rain storm on Thursday which is good news. Both adults have been spending time together at the nest with the chick and sometimes the mum seems to lack any sense of awareness around her youngster. The female was on the perch above the nest on Monday and the chick was clearly hungry, but it was dad that carried out the feeding task and had some of the fish for himself too. As the chick reached the point of being full, the female joined them in the nest and he proceeded to tear strips of fish off and fed her.

Roomy nest

A full youngster was clearly seen to be appreciating the spacious and roomy nest all to itself early on Monday too, as it was lying down spreading out its wings and kicking its legs back into fully extended stretches. This is certainly a luxury home for one. The chick has been keeping the nest clean and always ensures that when it needs to toilet, it fires the stream of white waste out of the nest. This is often jet sprayed onto the right hand perch giving a whitewashed appearance to the branches beside the nest and the surrounding foliage.

stick moving and whitewash

Both parents were sitting in the nest beside the chick on Tuesday morning, both seemed to be highly alert and were watchful as though there was an intruder bird about or some cause for alarm but the young osprey seemed oblivious to any danger and proceeded to do a bit of stick moving around the nest, something it has witnessed its parents doing regularly as a spot of nest maintenance.

30th june mum dad and chick

FK8 update

FK8, the one year old Tweed Valley Osprey has remained in Portugal. The bird migrated from Peebles at the end of last summer, but rather than heading all the way to Africa and along the Gambia River as most ospreys do, she stopped off in Portugal and stayed there all winter. She took a short trip across the Gulf of Cadiz in Spain in March but headed back to favoured haunts in Portugal a few days later. With the Portuguese summer well under way the fishing areas in Portimao where she was staying will have dried up considerably with dropping water levels and fish would have moved in to better areas too. We assume that because of this she moved further north in May and since then has spent her time between two reservoirs the Barragem de Morgavel and the Barragem de Campilhas.

reservoirs 29th June

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