‘Back up’ nest ringing with volunteers

The ‘back up’ nest birds were ringed this week and some of the osprey volunteers were invited to attend to watch. This is something which those involved in the project really enjoy and it is an opportunity for them to see the young osprey chicks and their parents close up for the first time, having studied them on camera throughout the season and helped visitors to understand a little more about these amazing birds. The volunteers for Tweed Valley Osprey Project do a fantastic job meeting visitors and telling the Tweed Valley Osprey story and going along to see the ringing is a thank you for the work that they do and all the time that they give to this project.

forestry commission osprey ringing (1)

photo courtesy of Kathy Henry

forestry commission osprey ringing















It was found that two chicks had been raised this year in the back up nest and a third egg was found unhatched in the nest. This was similar to last year when FK7 and FK8 were ringed, there was an unhatched egg with a double eggshell. The chick had not managed to break out of the double thickness of shell. This year however, the egg shell was of normal thickness but sadly the fully developed osprey chick had not broken the egg open with its egg-tooth and had died inside the shell. It seems a shame that having reached the full size that it didn’t make it to hatch but we have no idea why this would happen and have no way of finding out.

The birds were fitted with blue Darvic rings on their left legs with the lettering PV0 and PV4. The chicks were a good size but still about three weeks away from fledging as their flight feathers and tail feathers still had to completely break through the shaft.

Disappointingly, a couple of other sites where ospreys had previously been successful in the Tweed Valley project area had been found to have either not occupied this year or to have failed. We do not know why this has happened, adult birds had been seen earlier at the sites but they have for some reason not gone on to successfully breed.


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    It will be really exciting to analyse what this Tweed Valley bird does once she leaves the Peebles area and migrates later this summer. We will be able to compare her movements and migration with that of FK8 the bird which was tagged last year that remained in Portugal.

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