AS6 Lays her first egg

Sunshine banishes the snow

Last week, the ospreys were hopping about with cold talons on a nest carpeted with snow. What a difference a week can make! We now have glorious sunshine and rising temperatures and the female can be seen sitting down into her moss-lined, cosy nest cup, with her beak open as she pants in the heat.

panting in the heat incubating female

AS6 panting in the heat sitting on her egg

First egg for AS6

One egg was laid on Friday 6th May.  We are not sure what time AS6 laid her egg but the evidence was revealed with a clear view from nest camera 2, pointing directly into the nest. Proud Dad–to-be, was standing and looking down at the treasure in the nest, while his partner was away to stretch her wings and to get a bite to eat.

This is a first egg for this female and she has to realise how to take care of it and to incubate and hopefully to lay a couple more. AS6 refused the male’s advances to mate with her on a few occasions recently. This could be because she was getting ready to lay an egg…

males shadow  shades egg

Shadow of SS shields egg from the sun

mossy cosy

Cosy mossy nest

Sharing meals

SS has been bringing in fish to the nest and being a little bit selfish. He’s been eating the bigger portion before passing over the goods to her, despite her beseeching calls. On Thursday, he was eating his fish up on the camera scaffold, when a disgruntled female flew directly at him. The shadow of a bird could be seen launching into the air as she flew back on to the nest. He eventually flew over to her and let her have a less than generous tail end of fish. A bit like receiving a box of chocolates when the best ones have already been eaten!

Has SS gone from being a ‘new man’ to being a ‘grumpy old man’?

what are you looking at

What are you looking at?

Whose turn is it?

SS is always prepared to do his fair share of sitting on the egg to give her a break though, and his generosity in this department has been taken a little advantage of. He was the home alone sitter for a three and a half hour session while the female was away on Sunday. I hope they get their roles synchronised and harmoniously sorted out. They have a long stretch of between 37 to 40 days in which to master routines before this egg is due to hatch. The male was frequently seen standing over the egg and shielding it from the sunlight during the warm weather. It’s important to maintain a constant temperature for the egg, so that it doesn’t over heat or cool.

leaving so hubby can take a turn to sit on the egg

SS about to take his turn to sit on the egg

The latest video footage…

FK8 flies north

FK8, the two year old female that is satellite tagged, has spent almost a year at the same site in Portugal but suddenly on 3rd May at 7am approximately, she left the area. She took a northerly direction straight on through Portugal and across Spain, all the way to the shores of the Bay of Biscay. The last data received on 5th May at 15.11pm showed that she was still on the mainland teetering on the edge of the Bay.

It is so exciting that she has finally  moved north. She’s not old enough to breed this year but she will be ready next year. Her motivation for coming back may be to start to look at areas where she may wish to settle in the future and just to check out some sites.

fk8 heads north to Bay of Biscay

FK8 flies to the Bay of Biscay

FK8 is back in Scotland – welcome home!

Further news has just been received that FK8 has since crossed the Bay of Biscay on a gruelling flight. She left in the late afternoon and arrived in the Portsmouth area at approximately 9.30pm. She then flew across west Wales, across the Irish Sea and into the East of Ireland, then back over the sea to the west coast of Scotland, where she roosted overnight near Barra Bullin. We’re waiting to receive the satellite images for this part of the journey.

Eggs galore

All the birds seem to have swung into action now and have been laying eggs. The blue tit camera revealed the cutest blue tit being fed by her partner in the nest box. She then lifted out of the egg cup to reveal that she has been very busy and has laid seven eggs so far.

The great tit in the other camera box now has three eggs and a kamikaze oystercatcher has laid three eggs on the gravel, in the car park. A traffic cone and some tape have been positioned to prevent her being parked on!

spot the oystercatcher eggs

spot the oystercatcher eggs

5 thoughts on “AS6 Lays her first egg

    1. dianetweedvalleyospreys Post author

      Great to see her there! Image of her journey will appear in this weeks blog.

    1. dianetweedvalleyospreys Post author

      Hi Rosie,
      Thanks, I have added a satellite image of her journey around Loch Garten to this weeks blog. They sent lovely photos from Loch Garten . Great to see her!


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