It’s a wonderful osprey life

together 21st May


The main nest pair of ospreys have become a settled little unit of domesticity, with a sprinkling of soap opera drama! This week revealed scenes of the hungry female AS6 hinting with feigned subtlety to her mate SS, to get up off the eggs and get out and catch a fish for dinner. She trundled around her partner tidying and moving sticks, then dragged the moss about, seemingly contemplating placing it upon his back.

Eventually, the reluctant male got up and left and she took over the egg sitting duty. He was not away overly long when she began calling and it was the familiar beseeching call of the hungry bird that gave the tell-tale sign that SS was nearby with a fish. He likes to eat close by and take the head off the fish for himself before delivering it to his partner. Eventually he flew onto the nest and gave her a substantial portion which she took from him and flew away with it clutched in the talons of her right foot.

SS delivers a fish

SS delivers a fish


AS6 takes her fish away

AS6 and the take away fish in right foot talons

Unseasonal hail

The weather has been quite pleasant and warm but punctuated by a bout of unseasonal hail stones, which the poor incubating male had to withstand as he sat covering the eggs with the icy hail fiercely bouncing off his back on 22nd May. He is no stranger to Scottish weather eccentricity and carried on like there was nothing unusual happening, despite the clanging of the stones on the camera and the pummelling work-out they were giving his back.

Likely hatching date

The first egg was laid on 6th May and we assume the second was laid two days later. This means that after an incubation period of 37-40 days, the earliest hatching date likely for the first chick would be Sunday 12th June.

Proposed further tracking

Both chicks will be fitted with satellite transmitters this year, which will be the first time two of the Tweed Valley birds will be tracked from the same nest. Following the amazing success of the tracker on FK8, it will be really exciting to follow where the young ospreys travel to.

We look forward to seeing where the chicks will travel to when they’re all grown up!

The latest video footage

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