Nearly time to hatch

This has been a week of glorious sunshine and warm temperatures for the ospreys up at the main nest. It must be a welcome break from the hailstorms and rainy weather that they have experienced recently. They are no strangers to hot weather as they migrate away from our harsh winter climate to regions as far south as western Africa.

Hatching due at the weekend

careful with eggs AS6

It is a blessing that the chicks on the main nest have not hatched just yet, as unlike the adult birds they are not able to regulate their temperature. The chicks will hatch with just a light covering of fluffy down and be totally dependent on their parents to shield them from both hot or cold temperatures during the first couple of weeks of their lives until their own set of insulating feathers grow.

The parents-to-be are careful to raise up off the eggs to prevent them getting too warm and shade them with their bodies, blocking the sun but at the same time ensuring that just the right amount of incubation time occurs as the final days approach prior to hatching. I hope they cope well with the thunderstorms which are looming, accompanied by fierce downpours of rain akin to a monsoon!

We are hoping to see the first chick emerge from its shell on either Saturday or Sunday, fingers crossed!

Sightings of Tweed Valley birds

It is always lovely to hear from people who have spotted our ospreys when they are out and about. This week we heard that someone had seen an osprey fishing along the Tweed from as far as Cornhill. It is great to hear that someone has had such a wonderful experience, witnessing this magnificent bird as it is hunting along the river.

One of SS’ daughters from 2007 nests in Stirlingshire

We had further news from dedicated osprey follower Pete Dee, who heard from a fisherman up in Stirlingshire that a bird who originated from the main Tweed Valley nest from 2007 is now nesting there. The female bird is white leg HA. This is great news as she is one of white leg SS’ daughters. She has partnered with an unringed male bird and they are awaiting the arrival of chicks.

This clearly illustrates the benefits of ringing the birds with the largely visible Darvic rings. This is the first news we have received about this female since leaving Tweed Valley in 2007. It is nice to hear that she is doing so well in the week that her dad is expecting another brood of young to hatch at the very same nest site that she fledged from.

unglamourous HA 2007 with brother HB

Rained on and unglamorous HA at ringing 2007

white HA as a nestling 2007

HA and HB returned to their nest after ringing 2007

Pete runs a website dedicated to collating information about all of the UK osprey sites and links to their live cameras at

Three year old CL6 nesting with 25 year old partner

Even more good news has been received about one of the chicks who was ringed from the main nest in 2013, when pupils from St. Ronan’s Primary School were allowed to watch the ringing. He has found a partner and is nesting up in the highlands with a 25 year old female.

returned ringed CL6 2013

CL6 in the nest after ringing 2013

FK8 explores Orkney Isles and east of Scotland

FK8 has set off on her travels again. She spent a restful period at lochs south of Thurso before taking a trip across to the Orkney Isles on 28th May where she spent the day . She then returned south of Thurso where a number of people got in touch to report sightings of her and other ospreys in the area. Since then she has travelled down the east coast of Scotland where she spent the day on 2nd June exploring the countryside north and south of the A839 near to Pittentrail and Loch Buidhe.

orkney isles

FK8 takes a trip to Orkney. Up the eastern side and returning along the west

east coast to Pittentrail 2nd JUne with pinpoints

FK8 heads south down the coast to Pittentrail and Loch Buidhe 2nd June

Thurso to Golspie 2nd JUne

Thurso to Golspie area for FK8

pittentrail june 2nd close up with pinpoints

Pittentrail visit with timed pinpoints

  Watch the latest footage

4 thoughts on “Nearly time to hatch

  1. Sandra Mackenzie

    We were delighted and in awe when we spotted an osprey sitting on the fence at Tala reservoir today, 11june, at 715pm as we drove towards Tweedsmuir. We drove past within 5 feet and it didn’t budge, only flying off along a few yards when we reversed back. What a TREAT.


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