Tweed Valley Ospreys Migration

There are three satellite tagged ospreys from the Tweed Valley area who have migrated this autumn. The progress for each bird will be broken down separately for a full and detailed account of their journeys.

FK8 returns to winter in Portugal

FK8, tagged in 2014, spent her first winter away in Portugal and returned to do a grand tour of the UK in May 2016 where she spent much of the summer months in the northeast of Scotland. In her final days in the UK she seemed very settled at the RSPB Forsinard Flows National Nature Reserve.

She began her migration journey from the UK on 7th September and has since made her way safely back to the exact same region of Portugal where she spent winter last year.

Sad news for PX2

PX2, tagged in 2016, was from the ‘back up nest no.2’ and began migration on 29th August. He reached France but sadly there has been no further data since 3rd September and it is presumed that this bird has died.


PX1 makes a dangerous journey to Africa

PX1, from the same brood as PX2, was the larger of the two chicks and began his migration on 2nd September. He took a similar route to his brother to the south east but crossed the North Sea from Norwich into Holland, then into Belgium and down though France. He then began following the coastline of Spain to just east of Gibraltar where his data signals ceased from 14th September.

However, since then he has made it into Africa as there were a couple of signals suggesting he crossed the Sahara but due to signal coverage there was no data transmission.

Data resumed and on 22nd September the lagged data points could be accessed to reveal that PX1 has traveled into a very dangerous situation. He is deep in the Sahara Desert and the direction that he is heading looks pretty gloomy. Unless he changes course and gets out of the desert his chances are looking a bit grim.


A full report of their journeys will follow shortly.

Watch the journey

Watch PX2’s journey in the video below. Videos of the other birds’ journeys will be added once completed.

3 thoughts on “Tweed Valley Ospreys Migration

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  2. bangingon

    Thanks Diane for the update. Were you able to ask anyone in France to the last known data point for PX2 to see if anything may have been found there? I’m sure there must be birders in the area who would be happy to help? Time is probably of the essence on that front…

    1. dianetweedvalleyospreys Post author

      I believe the French Wildlife authorities were informed and birders too in particular to try and recover the body if possible. But no word yet.


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