SS: Super Stud

Cheerio Mrs.O, hello FS2

FS2 and SS 18th May 2017

FS2 and SS

Just when we thought things had settled in to domestic bliss at the main nest with SS and Mrs. O, a dramatic return of a visitor from last year has changed the turn of events. FS2, a female with the blue darvic ring who appeared at the end of last summer and began mock incubating the dud egg in the nest, has turned up while Mrs.O was away and she is now also a new partner for SS.

We never realised his leg ring letters meant super stud, but he now has a choice of the ladies and has mated with both of them! What a difference a day makes as the song goes, 24 little hours and two female ospreys vying for the attentions of dear old SS.

SS – Super Stud

This is a real surprise for all those doubters out there who questioned his breeding credentials this year because of his age or his modus operandi for finding a mate. He is quite a bird.

Mrs.O it would seem has not given up yet, and she returned to the nest once FS2 was away. Who will stay with SS? We shall have to wait and see.

Watch the latest videos of the nest here:

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