Victory for Mrs O – 23rd May

SS tries to get away from two females

They’re behind you!

SS lets the females sort themselves out

Mrs. O. has not given up her battle to remain the partner of SS at the main nest, even though FS2 has tried to usurp her.

SS surveys the scene of two females in his nest

SS watches the two females below.

It seems that having the attention of two females demanding fish and moving in on his territory is all a bit too much for SS. The squabbling females were both on the nest with SS but rather than make a choice and send one of them packing, he wimped out and flew off leaving the females to battle it out for themselves. Well it was more of a stand-off and stare-off than a battle, with both standing in the nest, Mrs O squawking away with a rather cool FS2 nonchalantly sitting there and ignoring her assault of squawks.

Mrs.O squawking at FS2

Mrs.O squawks at FS2

SS on the edge with two females behind him

SS teeters on the edge away from the warring females

Do your worst

The most aggressive action was a flap of FS2 wings and a forward rush towards Mrs.O but the loud response must have rendered her sensibilities askance as she flew off leaving the triumphant Mrs.O, (the BTO ringed bird) alone in the nest. One – nil to Mrs. O at the end of round one.

Triumphant squawking Mrs.O

Triumphant Mrs.O squawks some more.

This switching around of partners continued for a few days and SS has taken full advantage of the situation, mating with whichever female was at the nest when he returned.

Victory for Mrs.O

Mrs. O has proved to be the victor so far and has firmly got her talons under the mossy carpet of this eyrie. FS2 has not returned for a few days… Does she have a nest and partner elsewhere maybe? She could be laying eggs fertilised by SS at another nest. If there was a Jeremy Kyle Show for ospreys, this sort of behaviour might earn an appearance on an episode!

Mrs O is reaping the benefits of sticking around and SS has been bringing fish for her. Her deafening demands would make it hard not to reward her with fish even just for a brief bit of peace. But even when catered for she still shrilly squawks and pips. SS keeps his distance and teeters on the edge of the perch away from her. Do her persistent cries keep FS2 away? Could that be why she has not returned? Her shrill piercing calls could announce to all ospreys that this is now her territory and SS her prize.

SS and Mrs.O squawking feed me

SS and Mrs.O

Will there be an egg soon?

What we would really like to see now is an egg in that nest! The ever hopeful SS drops into the centre of the nest regularly and tips his body forward, thrusting his legs backwards to kick out material to create a neat little cup shape, just waiting to be filled with an egg or two but there’s been no sign of Mrs. O laying any just yet. So hurry up Mrs. O and start laying eggs for there to be any chance of chicks for this pair, this season!

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