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The Tweed Valley Osprey Project aims to protect nesting ospreys and encourage them to settle and breed in suitable locations in the area. The project is a partnership between Forestry Commission ScotlandKailzie Gardens and the Tweed Forum.

Find out more about our osprey watch centres, and see if you can spot one on the webcam, at the Tweed Valley Osprey Project webpage.


1 thought on “Find out more

  1. SG

    On Saturday 3 October we reported a juvenile osprey sitting on the ground near the Riverside Restaurant at Abbey St Bathans. It was reported to the SSPCA who collected the bird and have taken it to their wildlife rescue centre at Fishcross. It was very weak and unable to fly but appeared to be uninjured. It was not ringed nor did it appear to have any trackers fitted and where it has come from is a mystery. It is thought to be a male. I doubt it is your missing bird but just in case.


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